Fire ball AFO


  • It cover s 360-degree angle, area of about 70 to 80 sq ft.It can extinguish three classes of fire, Solid, Liquid and Electrical classes of Fire.
  • It weighs 1.5 kilograms with packaging .The diameter of ball is 144 mm, and it makes easy to carry and use, its 100 percent eco friendly, 100percent bio-degradable. it has no wiring and no ducting, it has long shelf life of 5 years, even kids can operate this ball
  • Suitable for use in car, private home kitchen, factory, warehouse, electricals cabinets commercial purposes , etc


AFO (AUTO FIRE OFF) balls is regestered trademark, design patent product. and also our AFO balls is approved and certified by vaious govt authorities in india like:- FSAI ( fire safety association of india, Chennai certificate no. 1801024), IFE ( institution of fire engineers india), ISO 9001:2015, (International benchmarking & certification :- ICE/1805/H130 ) etc, RECOMMENDED TO BUY FROM PEDEVILLA, because this product is related to human being safety and security,.


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